The Easter Bank Holiday is just around the corner, and it presents an opportunity to learn something new. For guitar enthusiasts or those seeking a new hobby, here are five things to explore about the guitar this Easter Bank Holiday.

  1. Discover a fresh chord

Chords are fundamental to every song, and learning a new chord can open up a new world of possibilities for your playing. Regardless of your level, there is always a new chord to discover. Challenge yourself by attempting a jazz or barre chord to expand your musical horizons.

  1. Train with scales

Scales are crucial to building technique and improving overall playing ability. Take some time to practice major and minor scales and experiment with different fingerings and patterns. Not only will this help you develop speed and agility, but it will also give you a better understanding of musical structure.

  1. Learn a different tune

Learning a new song is an excellent way to keep your guitar skills sharp and add variety to your playing. Choose a challenging song that you enjoy and dedicate time to it throughout the long weekend. The satisfaction you’ll feel when you can play it in its entirety is worth the effort.

  1. Experiment with guitar effects

To introduce new sounds to your playing, try experimenting with guitar effects. Effects such as distortion, delay, or reverb can add depth and texture to your sound. Start with a basic pedal and explore different settings and combinations to identify a unique sound that suits you.

  1. Participate in a workshop or lesson

If you’re serious about enhancing your guitar skills, consider joining a workshop or lesson during the Easter Bank Holiday. There are numerous online resources available, as well as local guitar teachers and music schools that provide classes. Utilize the long weekend to invest in your guitar playing and take your skills to the next level.

In conclusion, the Easter Bank Holiday is a fantastic opportunity to concentrate on improving your guitar playing and learn something new. Whether it’s discovering a new chord, experimenting with guitar effects, or joining a workshop or lesson, there is always a new aspect to explore and develop. Grab your guitar and start practicing!


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