The coronation of a king is a grand spectacle, filled with regal traditions, pageantry, and a sense of historical significance. It is a moment when a new ruler ascends to the throne, symbolizing the continuity of power and the beginning of a new era. While the coronation ceremony itself may seem far removed from the world of music and guitar, there are surprising connections to be made. In this article, we will explore the intertwining melodies of a king’s coronation and the journey of learning guitar. We will also discover some pieces of music associated with the royal family that can be learned on the guitar, including a nod to the legendary Brian May.

The Coronation Symphony:

When it comes to the coronation of a king, the grandeur of the event is often accompanied by an orchestral symphony. Composers throughout history have sought to capture the essence of this momentous occasion through their musical compositions. One such example is the Coronation Symphony by Sir William Walton, composed for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. This majestic symphony evokes a sense of grandeur and triumph, making it an ideal piece to learn and perform on the guitar.

Connecting Guitar and Royalty:

While the guitar may not be the first instrument that comes to mind when thinking about royalty, its versatility and expressive capabilities make it a fitting choice for commemorating the coronation of a king. Just as a king’s coronation represents a new beginning, learning the guitar opens up a world of artistic expression and personal growth. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced guitarist, the melodies associated with the royal family can provide a unique and inspiring repertoire to explore.

A Tribute to Brian May:

No discussion about guitars and royalty would be complete without mentioning Brian May, the iconic guitarist of the legendary rock band Queen. Brian May is not only a guitar virtuoso but also an astrophysicist and a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE). His connection to both music and British royalty makes him an inspiring figure for aspiring guitarists.

Music to Learn on Guitar:

“God Save the Queen”: This anthem is the royal anthem of the United Kingdom and a symbol of loyalty to the monarch. Its simple melody can be easily adapted for the guitar, making it an ideal piece for beginners.

“Greensleeves”: This traditional English folk tune is often associated with the royal court and is a beautiful piece to learn on the guitar. Its haunting melody and intricate fingerpicking patterns provide a wonderful challenge for intermediate players.

“We Will Rock You”: While not directly related to the royal family, this iconic anthem by Queen embodies the spirit of grandeur and celebration. Learning the power chords and riffs from this song will add a rock-infused energy to your guitar playing.

Resources for Learning:

Online Guitar Tutorials: Websites such as Ultimate Guitar and Guitar Tricks offer a vast collection of guitar tabs, chords, and video lessons for players of all levels.

YouTube Channels: Channels like JustinGuitar and Marty Music provide free guitar lessons, tutorials, and covers of popular songs, including those related to the royal family.


The coronation of a king is a significant event that resonates with tradition, history, and musicality. Exploring the connection between a king’s coronation and the world of the guitar can open up new avenues of inspiration and learning. Whether you choose to masterpieces associated with the royal family or draw inspiration from the likes of Brian May, the guitar can be a powerful tool to express both celebration and reverence